10 Facts About Water Treatment Units from Aqua Technology International Company

The risks of contracting acute diseases increase due to consuming water from regular filters, causing many concerns for those with chronic diseases. Despite using regular water tanks for drinking water, they did not fulfill the desired purpose of achieving a source of safety. This does not stop with an increase in the number of stages, […]

Why Aqua Technology International Considered the Best Water Filter Company for 2024?

Best Water Filters Company in Egypt Aqua Technology International is considered the best water treatment unit and water filter and water treatment stations company for the year 2024 for the following reasons:   Aqua Technology International is ISO 45001 Certified In Aqua Technology International’s pursuit to keep up with developments and adopt the highest quality […]

How to buy a water treatment unit (Water Filter) for your House

How you Can Guarantee Pure Water for your Daily Use ? How to buy a water treatment unit (Water Filter) for your Home ? Many people are looking to purchase house water filters, especially with the numerous damages found in tap water or bottled water. With the multitude of water filters available, customers may struggle […]

The Importance of Minerals in Water

The minerals present in water play an important role in building the human body. Minerals have many benefits that help nourish the body’s functions. This process in the body depends on activating blood circulation and creating biological activity within the body. A deficiency of mineral elements in the body can lead to a malfunction of […]

Features of New Ultra So Safe Filter from Aqua Technology International

The body can survive without food for more than 3 days without interruption, but when combined with deprivation of water for a short time, it will surely die. Therefore, water is considered the secret of life and the primary means of living. For a person to enjoy good health, they must drink more than 8 […]

Features of New Doctor Water Filter … From Aqua Technology International

New Doctor Water filter is one of the devices dedicated to water treatment units in a modern and advanced way. It works with digital technology and is considered the best type of water filter in Egypt in 2024, and the unique among water filter devices around the world that operates with a complete water treatment […]

Water Pollution in Egypt

The quality of the water we do have may not be as it should. Last year, parliament’s Housing Committee issued a report which found that water in 18 governorates, including Alexandria, Giza, North Sinai and Assiut, is polluted to the degree that it is unsafe to drink. According to the Egypt State of the Environment […]

Water Filters and the History of Water Treatment

Water Treatment Through Water Filters Human interest in the quality of drinking water dates back more than five thousand years. Due to the limited knowledge in those eras about diseases and their causes, attention was confined only to the color, taste, and odor of water. For this purpose, some treatment processes were used, albeit in […]