The body can survive without food for more than 3 days without interruption, but when combined with deprivation of water for a short time, it will surely die. Therefore, water is considered the secret of life and the primary means of living. For a person to enjoy good health, they must drink more than 8 liters of healthy water per day, free from any harmful substances or risks from contaminated groundwater that contains pollutants, which has led companies to find alternative solutions to protect humans from pollution that changes the taste and appearance of water. This led to the emergence of water filters and Panasonic filters. Gradually, water filters became the biggest threat to natural water pollution. To avoid this, we review in this report the best water treatment units at Aqua Technology International, the leading company in the field of water treatment units.

From this perspective, Aqua Technology International seeks to establish the best water treatment unit to combat the risks of pollution and achieve a decent and healthy life that preserves the purity of water from sediments and protects the body from diseases caused by polluted water, while working to achieve complete safety. Despite the complex composition of water, which contains many factors from polluted water that can be more harmful to the body, the water treatment unit has become the only means to rescue humanity from the danger of polluted water and the lack of guarantee of home filters.


Water Treatment Unit from Aqua Technology International

Aqua Technology International, the leader in the manufacture of water treatment units, seeks to establish water treatment units with global standards and high-quality materials, in order to achieve everyone’s desire for pure water and good quality. The company has also been concerned with reaching the lowest filter price in Egypt for its customers. The company also develops its standard products, which are unique in the Egyptian market, especially since the water treatment filter from Aqua Technology International is manufactured only in the company’s specialized factories. It also distributes the best water treatment filters in all governorates of Egypt, in addition to exporting its products all over the world.


Features of the New Ultra So Safe Filter for water treatment

New Ultra So Safe device for water treatment is one of the group of devices designed within the Aqua Technology International company.
New Ultra So Safe device is specifically designed for groups exposed to the risks of polluted water more than its function as a water treatment unit and home water filters. New Ultra So Safe device also contains many beneficial elements that humans need from fluids and nutrition for bodily functions. Additionally, New Ultra So Safe device has been designed and reviewed with the latest modern technologies, which allow the user to control the salt level and monitor all the uses that the device contains, whether it is monitoring technical maintenance or changing the cartridges that make up the water treatment unit.


Stages of the water treatment unit for New Ultra So Safe 10-stage device


Features of New Ultra So Safe device from Aqua Technology International

The features of New Ultra So Safe device from Aqua Technology International, which is considered the first company to manufacture water treatment units in the Middle East, are numerous.
The device contains 300 liters of water after storage and has been designed in a beautiful, streamlined shape that adds a magical touch to your kitchen, with the addition of a distinctive black color in a modern style. It is equipped with a digital device to adjust the salt level in the water and periodic monitoring for immediate maintenance. All device connections are made of anti-bacterial material, and the faucet is made of natural rocks to prevent bacterial exposure or pipe rust. The device is also unbreakable.


Why Aqua Technology International Company?

In short, Aqua Technology International enjoys great popularity among many registered customers. Additionally, the company specializes in complete water treatment units and is one of the best water filters, using the latest modern methods and international standards. Its devices are inspected and delivered by experts and a specialized fleet for operating the units. The company is also responsible for inspecting groundwater, how to install water filters, and determining the type and degree of water required for potential customers. The company also works with advanced devices made of European materials and equipped with the latest digital technology. Furthermore, the company offers various payment systems that suit low-income individuals compared to the price of a 7-stage tank filter and different filters. All types of devices are certified by the National Research Center and have obtained the international ISO certification. The company also receives customer complaints and inquiries through the hotline 16307.