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Welcome to Aqua Technology International for water treatment and Purification Technology Aqua Technology International is the leader in water treatment technology in Egypt We are the resource that you can rely on and trust in to provide all your needs
The company is managed by an integrated team of engineers and technicians under the management of Eng. Emad Fawzy who is technically qualified with many years of experience in the field of water treatment. All of this is to service our ambitious plan in the field of drinking water treatment in Egypt Aqua Technology International Water Treatment Company is the leading and specialized company in the field of water treatment and the environment where the company does not only provide the latest and finest water treatment units but also provides professional and special after-sales service Where the company provides 23 specialized departments and trained at the highest level to work and serve its customers to meet all their needs Anytime, 24 hours.

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Our vision includes an understanding of the critical role that clean and healthy water plays in saving the world today. We see five million deaths annually from water-related diseases. Which makes our expression accurate when we say (pure water saves life)

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Aqua Technology international is keen on providing innovative suggestions and solutions for water filtration and disinfection technology Aqua Technology international Company is unique in providing complete water purification units and services, and sterilization tools. We deliver value to our customers by improving the quality of our products while reducing prices, protecting investment and protecting many people.

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Due to of the company’s keenness to accuracy in implementing these goals, we were able to gain the confidence of the Egyptian consumer and we become have a distinguished and diverse customer base, and our client base is not limited to individuals only, but the base has expanded to include petroleum companies, tourism companies, villages, resorts, foods factories , houses of worship, civil societies , banks Hospitals, and dental centers, etc.. This expansion and diversity in customers has led to the company’s keenness to provide technical staff to carry out maintenance work with the highest degree of efficiency and training in order to maintain that confidence and continue to be the leader as we are now. Aqua Technology International has the honor to invite you to know the company’s products and services through your visit to our website , hoping that the information provided will assist you in achieving the right decision.
Specialized in home drinking water treatment (Home water treatment units). Specialists in water wells and farms and tourist villages treatment. Best after sale service. The best experts in maintaining all kinds of ( Home water treatment units) . Good bye to virus, microbe, and bacteria. Good bye to diseases resulting from water pollution. Good bye to the excess and harmful salts in water. Good bye for tank’s water Good bye the cost of bottled water. Aqua Technology International is one of the largest companies specializing in water treatment technology and the provision of central processing units and desalination plants and sterilization for industrial and food uses for all purposes. This company provides various home units to avoid all water problems

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