New Doctor Water filter is one of the devices dedicated to water treatment units in a modern and advanced way.
It works with digital technology and is considered the best type of water filter in Egypt in 2024, and the unique among water filter devices around the world that operates with a complete water treatment unit technology system.
Due to its strong characteristics that work to remove all impurities and get rid of harmful substances that enter groundwater, which poses a great danger to everyone’s life. Despite water filters that operate with an incomplete system, research has proven that they have negative impacts on water. Therefore, the water treatment unit device is the ideal solution to achieve good quality drinking water.


Uses of New Doctor Water Filter

New Doctor Water device is used for water treatment units in places that are most exposed to the risks of water pollution, as well as for people with chronic diseases who suffer from heart disease and kidney failure due to their inability to tolerate consuming polluted water. In addition, Doctor Water device, which works on water treatment units, removes dust and sand larger than 5 microns.
The device also features a 12-stage water treatment unit compared to the minimum number of stages reached by multi-stage water filters, which was 5 stages for one filter and 7 stages for another filter.
On the other hand, the water treatment unit is used to improve water quality and add some essential elements that the human body acquires from drinking water, which are the body’s nutrients, including maintaining body temperature and elements such as calcium and the body’s acidity level. The device is also essential for some people, especially since it is the most affordable filter price.


Stages of New Doctor Water filter from Aqua Technology International Filter


Features of New Doctor Water device from Aqua Technology International

The features of the water treatment unit device from Aqua Technology International Filter are diverse, due to its standard specifications that were designed under strict and globally high-quality standards.
Doctor Water filter is the only device in the Middle East that operates with a “computer monitor” system to measure the salt content in water, detect, review, and change device maintenance. In addition, the device works with a modern digital system with “auto flash”, which performs backwashing for the device.
The device is also made of high-quality materials and has a pressure gauge to measure osmotic pressure. Furthermore, the device does not occupy a large space and is designed in a streamlined style that is in line with the latest global fashion trends.


Why Aqua Technology International Company?

In short, Aqua Technology International enjoys great popularity among many loyal customers.
Additionally, the company specializes in complete water treatment units and is one of the best home water filters, using the latest modern methods and international standards. Its devices are inspected and delivered by experts and a specialized fleet for operating the units.
Aqua is also responsible for inspecting groundwater, how to install water filters, and determining the type and degree of water required for potential customers. The company also works with advanced devices made of European materials and equipped with the latest digital technology.
Furthermore, the company offers various payment systems that suit low-income individuals. All types of devices are certified by the National Research Center and have obtained the international ISO certification. The company also receives customer complaints and inquiries through the hotline 16307.