The minerals present in water play an important role in building the human body.
Minerals have many benefits that help nourish the body’s functions.
This process in the body depends on activating blood circulation and creating biological activity within the body. A deficiency of mineral elements in the body can lead to a malfunction of all body functions or even pose a danger to the lives of many people, especially young children. Therefore, water treatment units rely on adding inorganic minerals to water, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonate, iron, and zinc, in comparison to other water filters. In addition, there are many other minerals that water treatment units rely on in the water tank that people need to consume water.

To understand the importance of minerals present in water treatment units, we must first know the role of minerals in water in the body, which makes us think about why we drink water in our lives: –

Water in the body performs many tasks that allow the body to live longer. It is the main source that depends on the transport and passage of essential factors in the body, such as swallowing food or excreting waste from the human body. Therefore, a water treatment unit is needed to maintain pure water for a long time and away from impurities that change the shape of the water. A 7-stage filter will not reach the level of healthy water treatment for the body. Additionally, the World Health Organization has confirmed studies and accurate scientific research that the human body needs 2400 milligrams, of which 400 milliliters are healthy water, meaning a minimum of “2 liters of water per day.” Water also has many other advantages that help humans be active and energetic, which comes from the minerals added to water treatment units.

Benefits of Minerals in Water

The quality of water consumed by the body depends on the types of water filters used. There are many filters that are not sufficient for the purpose, such as a 7-stage tank filter, a 7-stage Taiwanese American 2020 water filter, a 3-stage tank filter, a Panasonic filter, a 5-stage tank filter, which are used to purify water from pollution and suspended impurities in water. There are many different types of filters that we have recently heard about, which can be more dangerous to the body due to the water entering various factors such as unbalanced salt ratios or other health reasons. Therefore, the water treatment unit produced by Aqua Technology International Filter is considered a modern water treatment unit, which for the first time includes the water undergoing several processes of adding minerals that the body needs, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, to the water. Hence, preserving water is an important matter for drinking water supplies.

Types of Essential Minerals in Water


Magnesium is considered an essential mineral that the body needs on a daily basis, and water treatment units rely on it. It plays a role in protecting the body from the danger of heart diseases and also works to strengthen the immune system and blood vessels in the human body. The water treatment unit from Aqua Technology International Filter provides ordinary water with the minerals the body needs, in comparison to traditional tank filters, where the magnesium content in water is about 120 milligrams, added when the individual consumes water. Magnesium also has many health benefits for the body.


Calcium is one of the mineral supplements that the body needs when consuming water from water treatment units, and it is one of the most important strong elements in the body’s relationship. Calcium protects bones from brittleness and also helps improve memory in the brain and blood vessel flow within the body. There are also many other functions that calcium provides in building children’s bodies. This occurs through the water treatment unit process, where a higher proportion of calcium is added when drinking water, which is lacking in the advanced 7-stage filter. Scientific statistics have also proven that humans need about 300 milligrams of calcium in every 2 liters of water due to its many health benefits for the body.


Sodium contributes significantly to the treatment of ordinary water. It works on the natural growth of humans, especially in young children, and helps maintain the main balance of organs in the body. Many doctors recommend the importance of having sodium in water due to its many benefits in the body. Water treatment units add sodium to water, in contrast to the Panasonic tank filter or 5-stage filter. The amount added corresponds to the body’s need for sodium, which is estimated at 2000 milligrams.