Different colors are still a source of joy and happiness within humans.
When an individual wants to buy household supplies for decorations or tools for water filters or water tanks, the first thing that catches your eye is how the water filter will look and how it will match the overall color of the furniture, especially the kitchen as it is the corner that women care about the most. Contemporary colors have become the most important feature of kitchens in global fashion trends, which led Aqua Technology International to pay attention to the interior design of the kitchen by designing the latest water treatment unit with modern colors that suit all contemporary home decors. This adds a great artistic touch to your kitchen that matches fashion trends. The company has also ensured that the design of the water treatment units occupies a small space in your kitchen compared to the 7-stage filter, which takes up a large space in the kitchen area, allowing many groups to use it in different places, preventing any obstacles due to the space occupied by your home kitchen.


Among the modern colors used by the company in the designs of water treatment units, which differ from one device to another, are three colors that are closest to the walls and kitchen furniture: black, yellow, and white. Many people look for these colors when thinking about buying water treatment units instead of the difficulty of the space occupied by the water tank filter or the Panasonic filter in kitchen decors. Additionally, the Doctor Water device, which has more stages than other water filters, has a digital screen that is compatible with modern technology and the Internet of Things, operating through artificial intelligence by connecting the digital screen with sensor connectors to control the salt level and degree needed by the body, and detecting inspection and replacement periods for the device’s cartridges.


First: New Doctor Water device

New Doctor Water filter for water treatment in your kitchen is distinguished by its yellow color, which has always been an important color in home decor colors, especially since most kitchen decors around the world are in yellow. It is a color that reflects the impression of spaciousness, as it reflects the color of the sun and the natural colors that one enjoys during the day and glows in the darkness of the night.


Second: New Ultra So-Safe Filter

New Ultra So-Safe device for water treatment and purification is distinguished by its black color, which has become the epitome of elegance in modern colors. In previous years, black was not a popular color in decor, but with the passage of time, black has become the primary focus among modern colors that many people desire for home decors, as it carries an attractive luster and a sophisticated essential element. It is also a suitable color for kitchens with large spaces.


Third: New Top Purity Filter Device

New Top Purity device, specialized in water treatment and purification from impurities, is distinguished by its white color. This color is one of the distinctive colors that makes an individual feel complete comfort and serenity. Most kitchen decors tend to lean towards the light white color, which makes you feel like you are looking at a clear sky.


Why Aqua Technology International Company?

In short, Aqua Technology International enjoys great popularity among many registered customers. Additionally, the company specializes in complete water treatment units and is one of the best water filters, using the latest modern methods and international standards. Its devices are inspected and delivered by experts and a specialized fleet for operating the units. The company is also responsible for inspecting groundwater, how to install water filters, and determining the type and degree of water required for potential customers. The company also works with advanced devices made of European materials and equipped with the latest digital technology. Furthermore, the company offers various payment systems that suit low-income individuals. All types of devices are certified by the National Research Center and have obtained the international ISO certification. The company also receives customer complaints and inquiries through the hotline 16307.