How you Can Guarantee Pure Water for your Daily Use ?

How to buy a water treatment unit (Water Filter) for your Home ?

Many people are looking to purchase house water filters, especially with the numerous damages found in tap water or bottled water. With the multitude of water filters available, customers may struggle to decide which one is best. Some opt for purchasing a 3-stage or 7-stage filter, among other types, which may not fully treat the water. However, they accept them to avoid exposure to contaminated water. Many scientific studies have highlighted the drawbacks of some uncertified water filters, which can lead to illness. To avoid this, we review in this report the best water treatment units at Aqua Technology International, a leading company in water treatment.

At Aqua Technology International, we strive to achieve natural ratios in water treatment units to improve the purity of water from impurities and dust carried by the water. We also innovate new digital solutions, unprecedented in other household water filters. Additionally, our company distinguishes itself by offering water treatment units at the prices of regular water filters, along with many services provided by the company to its potential customers, including advantages and installment systems, to protect people from contaminated water, maintain everyone’s health, and improve water quality, especially with the emergence of household water filters, considered one of the best types of water filters in Egypt in 2024.

Types of advanced water treatment units from Aqua Technology International:

New Doctor Water device

New Doctor Water device consists of (12 stages) and works on removing impurities and dust, isolating chlorine and semi-moisture from the water. It also balances the salts and minerals in the water, adjusting the pH level to prevent acidity or exposure to diseases carried by groundwater. It is the only device in Egypt that operates with a “computer monitor” system, with its main task being to regulate the salt content entering household water, unlike tank filters or Panasonic filters. It operates with global standards and quality, and in terms of installation, the water treatment unit is easy to disassemble, install, and transport, with a screen to measure osmotic pressure, providing 300 liters of drinking water daily, equipped with a digital device to measure the degree and percentage of salts in the water and display faults in case of malfunction.

New Ultra-So Safe device

New Ultra-Soft device consists of (10 stages) and works on purifying contaminated water and adjusting acidity levels. It also provides the body with necessary minerals, with two outlets for drinking water and contaminated water. Unlike the water filter, which includes one outlet for sediments, which trap the water in the internal wax. Among its stages, it provides the body with necessary natural rocks such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Additionally, it is the only device accredited by the National Research Center and the highest international certificates, equipped with a safety filter that ensures all stages the water has passed after storage.

New Top Purity device

New Top Purity device consists of (8 stages) and works on removing impurities in water and balancing the minerals needed by the body. It is easy to disassemble, install, and transport, with a screen to measure osmotic pressure, providing 300 liters of drinking water daily. It also includes a wonderful and sleek design and a real decorative touch added to your kitchen, along with bacterial growth-resistant connections.