As part of the aim of Aqua Technology International to keep up with developments and to adopt the highest quality standards that are in line with global requirements.
The human resources, administrative and labor affairs sector of Aqua Technology International has obtained the international ISO 45001 certification for the system of Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Form his side , Eng. Emad Fawzy ,the  General Manager of Aqua Technology International, affirmed that the Human Resources, Personnel and Employment Department plays a pivotal role in the daily work of the institution, so the company gives it special attention and seeks to continuously development its performance , confirming  that this certificate is  an evidence of the distinction of their performance and their dedication, hinting that Aqua Technology International is keen to adopt the best  methods that  used  in this field to develop the performance of its employees and facilitate their daily work.
It is worth to be mentioned that ISO 45001 standard specifications are not subject to product safety or damage to customer property which covered by the standard of ISO 9001, for example, its not subject  as well to the environmental impacts covered by the ISO 14001 standard.
the Link of  certification  accreditation from the official website of the International Organization for Standardization.