Aqua Technology International is proud of  achieving the highest levels of environmental protection standards in its industrial and commercial operations, and obtaining ISO 14001,  the  Industrial Environment Management System Certification.
Aqua Technology International is one of the leading companies in the global  and  Egyptian market regarding to  designing and developing of the manufacturing  of water drinking mechanisms.
for  its affirmation of its commitment to international standards to reach to the desired goals,the company has adopted and implemented a training and awareness program for all employees in the institution for the  requirements of the target  environmental management system to prepare the institution to the purpose Required.
The international standard ISO 14001 is the most widespread standard in the world for environmental management systems, because this standard provides for the development of
Business and expanding horizons towards new opportunities in the time to help to  reduce the energy and unnecessary  costs for save the environment.
the Link of  certification  accreditation from the official website of the International Organization for Standardization.